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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will the project be complete?
The SR 141 and I-95 interchange section of the project is expected to be completed in the Spring of 2021. The SR 141 and Commons
Boulevard section will be completed in the Summer of 2022.

What is the project cost?
$72 million

Will work be done at night?
Yes, work will be done at night when temporary lane closures are needed to complete construction activities in order to have less of an
impact on traffic during commuting/day time hours.

Why is SR 141 reduced to one travel lane between Jay Drive and Commons Boulevard?
SR 141 will be reduced to a single travel lane during Phases 1 and 2 of construction to increase the contractor’s production, reduce the
number of construction phases, and complete the work several months ahead of the original project completion date. Two travel lanes in
each direction at the SR 141 and Commons Boulevard intersection will be maintained during construction.

Can I still use transit within the project limits?
Yes, DART will maintain service and transit stops within the project limits during construction. Some transit stops were consolidated to allow
construction work to be completed. Refer to DART’s website ( for more information.

Why are there traffic signals at the SR 141 and I-95 interchange ramps?
Temporary traffic signals were implemented because it was not possible to provide enough width for an acceleration lane from the ramps
and maintain two SR 141 through lanes. As such, a traffic signal has been installed at the top of the ramp from southbound I-95 to southbound
SR 141 (Ramp K) and at the top of the ramp from southbound I-295 to northbound SR 141 (Ramp N). These two traffic signals
allow vehicles to merge from the ramps onto SR 141. Implementing other traffic control devices at the top of these ramps were considered,
such as installing stop signs, but queue lengths were projected to extend along the ramps and impact operations along the interstates.

How do the traffic signals at the SR 141 ramps work?
The right and left lanes along northbound and southbound SR 141 are divided using a traffic separator (a.k.a. delineators) approaching the off-ramps from southbound I-95 and I-295. The left lanes of SR 141 at these ramps have a constant green arrow and vehicles continuously flow. The right lanes of SR 141 intersect with the ramps from southbound I-95 and southbound I-295 and these two movements are controlled by the temporary signals. The green signal alternates between the ramp and the right lane of SR 141 to allow one direction of traffic to flow at a time. The figure below depicts the operations of the signal at southbound SR 141 and the southbound I-95 off ramp.

Why are the SR 141 and I-95 ramps closed?
The ramps are closed to reconstruct the pavement, which is in poor condition. There isn’t enough width available to maintain traffic while
the pavement is reconstructed. The contractor is required to complete the ramp construction within 60 days. Phase 5A to reconstruct two ramps along southbound SR 141 and Phase 5B to construct two ramps along northbound SR 141 are completed; Phase 4 is currently underway and will be completed within the 60 day timeframe requirement.

What are the detour routes when there are closures?

View the detour information page for closures, restrictions, and alternate routes during detours.